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How We Work

Sustain an engine of growth and shareholder value creation by enhancing organizational capabilities.

Exploring each organizational element and its interactions with others will yield effective approaches to driving transformational, profitable growth over the long term. NextVista can help you develop and sharpen these approaches, for example:


  • Ambidextrous focus on both short-term performance and long-term profitable growth
  • Growth game plan with dedicated resources
  • Balanced portfolio of major growth initiatives


  • Dedicated corporate team and supporting structures
  • Separate NGP’s from core; manage the borrowing and interfaces


  • Establish scope, expectations, metrics, review mechanisms
  • Then use judgment in applying them
  • Budget separately from annual financial cycle/budget process


  • Mix of operators and business-builders
  • Complete, dedicated, diverse team
  • Experienced team leaders
  • Hire selectively externally


  • Reward approach and learning, not immediate results
  • Celebrate prudent risk-taking
  • Celebrate external focus, customer engagement


  • Foster initiative, experimentation
  • Emphasize “make it happen” and “do it now”
  • Work hard/play hard
  • Ask questions; don’t take much at face value
  • Seek the truth; get the facts; analyze
  • Collaborate

Skill + Will = Performance. When managed together as an integrated system, these key organizational levers drive two outcomes – development/enhancement of capabilities (skill) and drive (will), and together these drive ultimate business performance.

If you’re ready for NextVista to help with these organizational opportunities and challenges, contact us.