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Build and manage a portfolio of transformational adjacent businesses

A complete and integrated program of New Growth Platforms creates a portfolio of initiatives— a constantly and rapidly flowing “stream of innovation” much like a venture capital portfolio. The most successful portfolio of major initiatives, like an investment portfolio, is balanced across many dimensions such as potential size, time to profitability, risk and so forth.

NextVista can help you build a balanced portfolio of initiatives, with attention to the following key principles:

  • People: The people are more critical than the process
  • Learning: Invest a little to learn a lot
  • Balance: A “Goldilocks Approach” is critical: neither too hot not too cold, but just right
    • Portfolio balanced along multiple dimensions
    • Willingness to invest vs. “patient for revenue, impatient for profit”
    • Persistence in the face of set-backs vs. courage to kill losers
    • Evaluate the approach vs. evaluate the results
    • Leverage the core vs. protect from the core
  • Experience: Breadth of past success enables proper balance and
  • Persistence: Stick with it!

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