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How We Work

How We Work

There is no “NextVista Process” or blueprint for how we work. Rather, given our clients’ unique needs, goals and challenges, we tailor our approach and work in dynamic partnership with each client’s leadership team, based on the realities of their business—not on cookbook theories or frameworks.

We work closely with management teams as each situation dictates to:

Explore customer needs and buying behavior in new ways, to uncover latent opportunities. Watching the way your customers consider, buy and use current products can provide much more actionable insights than those gleaned through research data, market share trends or big data from the Internet. More

Define the company’s differentiating core capabilities. Successful New Growth Platform businesses leverage, build on and further develop a company’s core capabilities—the key skills in your company’s value chain, systems, resource base and/or organization that drive substantial customer value creation, profitability and differentiation. More

Examine ideas and develop new businesses with disruptive market potential by leveraging existing capabilities and adding new skills where necessary. We can help you articulate the unmet customer need, your solution and value proposition, how you would deliver that proposition and compete effectively, and how the idea fits with your strategy and core competencies. More

Build and manage a portfolio of transformational adjacent businesses. The most successful portfolio of major initiatives—just like an investment portfolio—is balanced across many dimensions, including potential size, time to profitability and risk. We can help you achieve this balance and focus on opportunities that can make a difference. More

Sustain an engine of growth and shareholder value creation by enhancing organizational capabilities. We can help you refine the key organizational levers— structure, processes, people, rewards, culture, etc.—to drive two outcomes: development/enhancement of capabilities (skill) and drive (will), which together drive ultimate business performance. More