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Getting to Growth

Does your organization have the leadership it needs to grow?

Just as the work of building new growth platforms is very different from the task of protecting and optimizing a mature core business, so are the leadership challenges. Driving a major growth program requires vision, courage and determination—and if the leadership of your organization doesn’t have it, successful growth is unlikely. NextVista works closely with your organization’s leaders to help them develop a clear vision, commit the right resources, align the organization and communicate effectively with key stakeholders.

The Elements of Leadership for Growth

Managing a mature business involves fine tuning established structures, programs and processes when much is known and nearly everything can be quantified and analyzed. Major new business innovation, on the other hand, is about exploration, learning, risk-taking and flexibility.

Leading significant profitable growth requires:

  • Communicating a clear vision and strategy that drives overall financial planning rather than being driven by it.
  • Committing significant resources and ensuring they stay committed in spite of challenges to the core business or a potentially rough fiscal quarter.
  • Shaping the organization to include a corporate team to build and manage a portfolio of major growth initiatives (with the right infrastructure and oversight mechanisms), as well as highly talented full-time teams to pursue individual initiatives
  • Managing organizational tensions and ensuring the commitment of established core business leaders, who may have limited personal stake in growth beyond their purview, but whose organization, capabilities and resources are the basis for the major new initiatives
  • Communicating with key stakeholders, both internal and external, the objectives, plans and progress, with courage of conviction
  • Correcting course as needed without remorse or apology as you learn more about customer needs, business model requirements and financial implications.