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Why NextVista?

At NextVista we strive to make a significant, measureable impact on the overall growth and profitability of our clients’ organizations.

Experience has shown us that achieving significant growth requires going beyond basic product, technology and business development, to establishing portfolios of major new growth platform businesses. We help our clients develop these portfolios and build new capabilities that can sustain ongoing innovation and growth.

Our approach is pragmatic and action oriented, with an emphasis on people, exploration, connection and tangible results rather than a standard process and/or detached analysis. Our experience ties it all together. Your commitment makes it work.

NextVista is:

Broadly, deeply experienced in growth, innovation and new business development. We’ve done it ourselves in a variety of business contexts.

Financially oriented, so we approach the growth challenge from an investor’s perspective. The point is not growth for growth’s sake, but to build shareholder value by creating great new businesses that serve important customer needs.

Disciplined in integrating strategy, technology and business model innovation, prudent resource allocation, and organizational development – all of which together are critical to success.

Partner-like, working collaboratively with everyone from corporate management to individual new business teams.

Able to lead initiatives ourselves on an interim basis when needed, until the right leaders can be identified and skilled teams fully assembled.

We want to hear about your company’s growth aspirations and challenges—and discuss how we may be able to help. To begin the conversation, contact us.